Glenn Flint Lake Rules


Selective 2006

The shad selective will continue on Glenn Flint. In 2006 another shad selective was scheduled for the fall. However due to continued issues with the gate on the damn it was felt that it should wait until repairs could be made. Currently the Little Walnut Creek Conservancy District is in the process of getting those repairs made. If things go as planned repairs will be completed this 2007 summer. According to the district it, at this time it will not be necessary to lower the lake to make repairs. They are working with a federal body to assist with plans and engineering support to complete repairs.  After repairs are made the DNR will continue with it's shad selective program and continue to manage the fishery. If things go as planned the DNR will conduct another selective in the fall of 2007. For more information about the selective click on the link below.



The LWCCD (Little Walnut Creek Conservance District) is planning some maintenance for the fall of 2005. The old sea wall around the boat ramp area will be removed and giant cement blocks will be installed. These blocks are being made specially for this purpose and will be anchored in place. There will be 234 blocks in all. In addition the boat ramp will be repaved at that time. This is " just a little maintenence that needs to be done".  Many thanks to the staff at LWCCD for assisting the IDNR last year with the fishery and for keeping up on projects such as this one. The lake will be lowered for this project and a date has not been set at this time. However it will be after September 1st.


The Little Walnut Creek Conservancy District will begin lowering of the Glenn Flint Lake on October 24 to replace the seawall at the boat ramp.  The district is also hoping the drawdown will trigger a gizzard shad winter kill.  During harsh winters, shad die-offs frequently occur.  With the fish crowded during the drawdown, it may not take a very severe winter to cause a shad winter kill.  The goal is to lower the lake until an approximately 15’ drop is reached.  The lake will remain lowered until sometime after January 1.  The exact date to allow the lake to refill has not yet been set but will depend upon the weather conditions.  Normal pool should be accomplished in time for late March or April fishing opportunities.  Hunters will not be able to access the blinds from the boat ramp for this year’s waterfowl hunting season. 


Glenn Flint Lake 2004

Glenn Flint is currently in the process of another renovation. Due to an explosion in the shad population the DNR treated the lake to eradicate the shad as much as possible. According to DNR biologist Doug Keller, "it appears that it was very successful". Although the lake did sustain some collateral damage, the pan fish population will recover and in much better shape. There is a plan to restock Bass due to the significant damage they have sustained over the years because of the shad. The population was so bad that it was equal to or worse in some cases than it was in 1995 when the lake was drained. It is believed that shad were reintroduced by fisherman. This type of activity does nothing but damage the ecology of the lake. The balance of the fish population is vital to the lake. A lake survey from Mr. Keller will be coming in the near future. And will be available thru the DNR.  For those of us who fish the lake we can look forward some good fishing in the future.  

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