VanBibber Lake Property Owner's Association

News Bulletin                                            May and June 2005                              Volume 2 - Edition 3





The semi annual members' meeting was held at the newly remodeled Community Center on May 28th. Attendance was poor and we failed to meet the necessary quorum of 50 members to open the meeting. In accordance with the by-laws, we have rescheduled the meeting for June 25th at 12:00 noon. The meeting will be held in the VBL Conservancy Office. Please mark your calendar! Your participation is important to your community. Only members in good standing are allowed to participate in this meeting. If you have not paid your association dues and want to participate you need to come into the office and pay your dues on or before June 18th.

On the agenda is the vote regarding the recommended changes to the Restrictive Covenants. Appointments to section director(s) for sections 4 and 5 have been finalized. No one from section 5 applied for the position and only Marie Kalen applied in section 4. This means that Marie automatically fills the opening for section 4. Toby Vandagrifft will remain on the board as section 5 director.


Listed below is your new Board of Directors. Please introduce yourself to your new section director if you do not already know them. They are here to represent you.

Section 1 - Dawn Fall                             

Section 2 - Connie England

Section 3 - Nel Fizer - New President

Section 4 - Marie Kalen - Treasurer

Section 5 - Toby Vanagriffi - Vice President

Section 6 - Janet Fisher - Secretary

Alternate - Bill Jennings - News editor

THANK YOU                        

Mike Wilson has left the POA Board of Directors. As many of you know, Mike served as the POA President for the past year. We would like to thank Mike for all his hard work and for taking on a job that has few rewards and plenty of headaches. Mike is not off the hook though, we still have plenty of things for him to do and we know he will be there when we need him. If you see Mike around let him know how much you appreciate his efforts.


MONTH OF MAY               

The month of May was about as busy as we have ever seen it around here. On May 14th there was an open house at the Community Center with free food and drink. Although the remodeling was not fully completed everyone was impressed with the new look. On May 21st and 22nd there was a clean-up in the community and the Memorial Day weekend was packed with good food, music and dancing. We enjoyed a DJ on Saturday and Sunday nights and again on Monday afternoon. The Community Council paid for Saturday Night and the POA paid for Sunday night and the DJ volunteered Monday afternoon for free. Thanks to everyone who pitched in and cooked during the festivities. We hope everyone had a good time and got some of their spring cleaning done!


During the Memorial Days Weekend, the POA raffled off some donated items. Congratulations to the winners:

Greg Long - Pottery

Connie Meyers England - Bird House and Feeder

Jenny Jones - Indiana Doll

Carolyn Jones - Rocking Chair

Debbie Huston - Flag                                                    


Good news. The Lion's Club will be purchasing the fire works this year. As you know, the last two years have been rained out and the fire works had to be postponed until Labor Day. The law of averages should be on our side this year. Fire works will be at 9:00 PM on Saturday night. We will also bring back the DJ for some good music and dancing at the Pavilion. Start time will be 8:00 PM Saturday night. The DJ will pause during the fire works. The POA and fire department will also be doing some fund raisers. Watch for the announcements.


July is the time to establish the 2006 POA budget. We are looking for 3 volunteers to be on the Budget Committee. If you are interested contact any POA Director or the POA Office at (765) 739- 6804.